JSDM | What is Semantic Content and how it helps to rank your Website in Search Engine?



Semantic Content: Content that is written using easy and natural language for both human and search engines. In semantic content words are related to each other and the intent of a searcher is included so that a user can find his answer. While writing semantic content we can use primary keywords, key phrases, synonyms, long tail keywords, and questions and answers.

How to write and optimize semantic content?



semantic content


Users Point of view: While writing content it is important to write for real users. Semantic content includes the answer of users query. You are writing semantic content mean you have already made your planning that what type of questions and inquiries can be answered by your content. You can include the answer of informative, traditional and navigational keywords in your content. Approx 80% of users search informative keywords in search engine and rest goes to traditional and navigational queries.

Optimize for Topic Broadly: While writing content semantically you need to write and cover everything related to the topic for which you are writing. Gone are the day writers used to write 400-500 words content to get backlinks and ranking but now it has changed. Google gives the priority to content that is written semantically. Approx 1500-2000 words content works fine now a days. Topic whatever you choose to write, you need to cover everything related to that topic. You need assume what kind of question a user can search on Google.  Your content should include every type of answers you that can be asked by a searcher.

How to optimize the topic broadly?

  • Before start writing, you can make a planning and list your all keywords. You can include primary keywords, long tail keywords, branded keywords, locations based keywords etc.
  • You can use synonyms while writing semantic contents. Using synonyms give you benefits of getting extra keywords in Ranking and it makes your whole content user-friendly and natural.
  • You can include advantages and disadvantages while writing for the particular topic.

Providing Meaningful Data: Semantic content means writing meaningful content. Meaningful content means your content should answer the intent of a searcher. People can search for any type of info and if your topic is related to that, it is necessary to answer that. Your content should rank for keywords those are not targeted primarily. In this situation, synonyms help to understand the intent of a searcher and to rank some extra keywords.

Use of Structure Data: The use of structured data makes your content rich and helps to get your content in the search engine. Using structure data means organizing your information in using some tags so that search engine can understand what your information means exactly. Using structure data you can show some extra information in SERP. Extra information such as Ratings, Reviews, Office time hours, Recipes etc.

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