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Search Engine is a program or a software that is used to find the information on World Wide Web. The search results are presented on search engine result page that is also called SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

How search engine works?

Search engine works in multiple steps. Before showing any result on search engine ranking page, search engine checks many things go through various steps.


Crawling is the process of searching new and updates websites or web pages by Google bots also called Google crawlers. These crawlers once crawled all the web pages, next step to index them in Google database. Google bots follow the links while crawling these pages to discover new pages.

It is not necessary to crawl all web pages of a website by Google crawlers. If site owner has blocked any webpage visiting by Google bots using robots.txt file in that case Google will not crawl those pages.

Your website should be well optimized and error free so Google can crawl more and more pages. More pages crawled by Google software, more chances to index pages.


The process of including any web page in Google data base after visiting the pages by Google crawlers called indexing. Google use theses indexed web page at the time of showing search results. When someone types a keyword in search engine, Google produce the results from Google database where many web pages are already indexed. So it is good if you have more and more web pages indexed in Google.

When someone performs an online search, search engine works in to steps. First collect the relevant web pages for that query and secondly rank those results according to their popularity. In this case if the site is more popular, priority will be given to that popular site while showing ranking. These popularity and relevancy are determined by algorithm.


Google use various algorithms to determine which web page to be ranked on what place. Google ranking system sorts through hundreds of millions web pages in Google index to produce best search results.

The Two main Google Algorithms are – Google panda Algorithm and Google Penguin Algorithm! Students and professionals searching to learn Google algorithm courses and fees then Join JSDM Institute.

Algorithm works in various steps

  • When someone enters any word in Search Engine expecting some relevant results Google search engine ranking algorithm first of all try to understand the meaning of the work searched by user so that most relevant results can be serviced by search engine.
  • In second step search engine algorithm matches the keywords in indexed pages. Algorithm checks various things while matching the keyword such as how many times and where these keywords appears in the web pages whether page title, headings or page body.

Finally Search Engine always try to return the best relevant results to users search query. Every web page should be well optimized for search engine and users. You can learn how to optimize a web page to rank well in Search Engine.

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