JSDM | What is a Landing Page and How to Optimize it for Search Engines



Lading Page: Landing page is a web page that appears in search engines when someone enters a keyword, term or query in a search box and hit the search button.

For example: Let’ talk about the Google search engine. Suppose I am searching for the keyword “SEM Training in Jaipur” on Google and hitting the search button, Google showing me some web pages on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). These all web pages called landing pages. You can see below image for more clarification.

Landing pages

What are the top 5 things to include in a landing page?

There are multiple things to focus if you want to make your landing page search engine friendly and to give priority while ranking in SERP.

Web Page Title:

Title of a web page is a text that can be seen on the top of a browser for any website. Title keeps an important role if we talk about SEO. Title Describe the whole web page and its content. The content of a webpage should be according to web page’s title. Every web page should have a unique or different title. According to Google the approx length of writing a page title is 65 characters. You can see in below image, where a web title can be seen.

Page title


Now the main thing is you need to include your focused keyword in the page title. I am optimizing this landing page for my main keyword “SEM Training in Jaipur”. You can see this focus keyword in page title clearly.

Landing Page Name:

Including the main targeted keyword in landing, page name makes the landing page more search engine friendly. For example. My keyword is “SEM Training in Jaipur” then landing page name should be “SEM Training in Jaipur” OR “Search engine marketing training in Jaipur”.


You can also check

Landing page name

Meta Description:

Meta description keeps an important role in SEO.  The meta description is the text shown in SERP below landing page URL. Search engine mainly shows Title, Page URL and Meta Description for any website when someone searches results for a keyword. This meta description can be written in the head section of any web page. for example

Meta description in SERP

Meta description

Meta description in the Meta description in sourcesource code (Head section of a web page)








Web Page Heading:

Page heading keeps an important role for every web page for both users point of view and SEO point of view. A web page can have only ONE Heading and that is written in H1 tag. We mainly use H1 to H6 in any web page. A heading can have sub-headings and a subheading can have more sub-headings. While writing heading of a web page , we should include main targeted keyword in heading. If our targeted keyword is “SEM Training in Jaipur” then heading of our landing page would be according to given image.

Page heading h1

An image on Landing Page:

Images keep an important role themselves.  Images help users and search engine understanding the text and whole scenario of a web page. To Optimize a landing page we need to add a related image with an ALT tag. The keyword should be added in the ALT tag.

Related Image

Finally keep updated your landing pages with above discussed top 5 things to get high search engine visibility. Focus on all the things that increase the user experience so that search engine can give the priority to your landing page while ranking.


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