JSDM | Understanding the Importance of New and Returning Visitors on Website



Before understanding the importance of the returning visitors, it is necessary to understand visitors and new visitors.

Visitors: When someone visits a website either directly or via referral websites called a visitor for that particular website. For instance, 100 people visit a website xyz.com then we can say the total number of visitors for this particular website for this particular time period is 100. Visitors can be divided into two types. (1) New visitors and (2) Returning visitors.


unique visitors


New Visitors: New visitors have an important role in increasing your business and to get returning visitors because only there is more chance to get returning visitors if we are getting new visitors day by day. New visitors also called Users in Google analytics nowadays. In above picture, there are 28,745 unique visitors and also called Users.

New vs Returning visitorsReturning Visitors:

If anybody visits a website more than one or multiple times then this type of visitors called returning visitors. Returning visitors can be from various sources such as referral traffic, social media traffic, Organic traffic or email marketing or other sources as you can see in above image. Increasing the number of returning visitors depends on the users. If users increase continuously, there is great chance to increase the number of returning visitors but not necessary.

How Are Returning visitors important?

Increase the number of returning visitors on your website means your website has the information that is worth visiting for visitors. Your website has the answer of visitor’s enquires or we can say your website has valuable content that fulfills the requirement of visitors. Increase the number of returning visitors help increasing business.

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