JSDM | Top 5 Things to focus while Optimizing a Website for Search Engines



If you are optimizing a website to get top rankings in search engine then you must keep in mind to focus these 5 things. In SEO there are many things changing day by day, it may be related to content, strategy or algorithm.

(1) Content:

It is said that content is king. Content is the most important part of SEO. Content presents your brand, services or products. Quality content leads your business and helps to generate new leads and manages the existing clients or customers.


To optimize any website for search engines you need to focus on various things while writing content and this is one of the best things out of 5 while optimizing a website for search engine.

  • Write unique content
  • Write content for both users and search engines
  • Optimize content with your targeted keywords and use long tail keywords with primary keywords
  • Write semantic content
  • Make use of synonyms while writing content
  • Make the best use of WH words such as what, where, why, when, etc…
  • Add the answers in your content assuming the intent of a searcher.

(2) Responsive Website:

A responsive website means any website that adopts the screen resolution of the related device. Suppose you are browsing a website in desktop then website should be visible properly in desktop screen. Another side if we browse the website in other devices such as smart phones, tablets etc than website should be visible properly and design should adopt screen resolution accordingly.



Responsive websites also called mobile-friendly websites. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or others are giving top priority to websites while ranking those are mobile friendly. The search engine now a day’s index the mobile sites first and it’s also called mobile first index.

The logic behind giving top priority to mobile websites while ranking in SERP is to provide best user experience and relevant results to people who search for anything using mobile devices.

Now a day most of the people use smart phones and tablets and hence they search any information using mobiles. If any website appears in search engine against any user’s query that does not have a responsive design, navigation, and most important proper content, people don’t like to spend more time and they jump to another website.

Because of these reasons Google is working to provide the best user experience and best relevant results to users.

(3) Implementation of HTTPS:

HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Implementing this protocol means buying a SSL certificate for your website. HTTPS makes any website secure. Google treat HTTPS version of the website as a secure site to use and it helps websites getting rank in SERP.


While switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS it is must to keep in mind only HTTPS version should be active. If HTTP version is also working it means you have a duplicate page. For example, you have a website name xyz.com and you have both versions

http://xyz.com  and https://www.xyz.com it means there are two different URL’s for Search Engine. So it is must to redirect HTTP version to HTTPS version.

(4) Best UX ( User Experience):

Search Engine gives the priority to websites those provide best user experience (UX). Providing the best UX (User Experience) mean you have full chances to reduce the bounce rate. Reducing bounce rate means visitors spending time on your website because of a good user experience and somewhere they like your website because of useful information.


Focus on these two things mainly to create the best UX.

  • Better Navigation: It means the architecture of your website should be better and easily viewable. Every webpage should be linked properly with each another webpage. There should not be any broken link.
  • Semantic content: It means writing content that answers users query. If you upload content that does not have a solution of users query then user will bounce back and will jump to another site and hence it will increase the bounce rate. Increase in bounce rate is not a good user experience.

(5) Site Speed:

Website loading speed keeps an important role now a days. Google gives extra priority while ranking websites those have fast loading speed. Having slow speed means a bad user experience. Nobody has much time to wait now a days.


When someone searches for something in search engine ( here are talking about Google search engine) like Google, Google show the top 10 results on the first page. If user clicks on any search results and website open in the browser but not loads properly within 3-5 seconds, it is considered as too slow website and that bad for both website owner and visitors. Page load speed is one of the best factor that impact rankings directly or indirectly. Every website owner should give extra priority and focus to optimize websites speed.


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