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What is sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that that contains the list of the webpage of a website. Google and other search engine know the structure and organization of web pages of the particular website and it helps to index the pages.

Why we need a sitemap?

We need a sitemap for good user experience and to rank our website well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

How many types of sitemap are there?

There are six types of the sitemap. Two sitemaps XML and HTML are seen most out of six sitemaps.

XML Sitemap:

XML sitemap is a very important sitemap for an every website SEO point of view. XML sitemap is created especially for the search engine not for users. Search engine crawlers crawl the sitemap and come to know how many pages are there in the website, the structure of the website etc. Sitemap helps any indexing webpage for a website and helps to get ranking in the Search Engine. Look an example of JSDM Sitemap!



JSDM XML Sitemap


HTML  Sitemap:

HTML sitemap also an important sitemap for every website. HTML sitemap is created for users or human being and opposed to XML sitemap. HTML sitemap is a graphical table of content for any website and helps Search Engines crawling the web pages and ranking the site. HTML sitemap shows the map of website and website contents.

Image Sitemap:

Image sitemap is an important sitemap for every website. Image sitemap is an XML sitemap and created for images. Using image sitemap we can rank our images in search engine easily and it is also used to add extra information to images such age geo_location.

Video Sitemap:

Using XML video sitemap we can enhance our video its content on any website. Using this sitemap we can also add extra information and finally, this helps to rank a video in Google. It is good to add schema markup for video content so that Google can show extra information for your video in Search Engine.

News Sitemap:

News XML sitemap is very important if we want to rank our press release or content in Google News.

How to create XML sitemaps? 

You can create xml sitemaps either manually or using online tools. If you want to use online free tools you are recommended to use https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/

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