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You own a business and looking for customers to deal with you. Every business needs advertisement either offline or online advertisement. There are many advertisement methods are available now a day. Most people prefer to go for online advertisement or internet marketing. The main target of online marketing is to get high search visibility online for your brand or websites.

In online marketing, there are two ways to get brand popularity.
(a) Organic promotion (b) Paid promotion
Nowadays everybody wants to get popularity in short time period. Organic promotion takes time to make your brand popular online. Visibility getting by organic method stays for a long time and there is no need to pay for this.
In paid promotion, we can get high search visibility online fast. Search engine visibility getting by paid promotion works until we have money in our paid promotion account.
Pay-Per-Click (PPC): The best way to get fast online visibility
You must have heard the name of Google Adwords. Google provides the way to get your brand popular online by reaching to more people by making payment. PPC is the best way to go for fast online visibility. How it works

(1) First of all, we need to create AdWords account with Google.
(2) Now we need to select the keywords for which we need our add-on Google first page.
(3) Every keyword has different prices for the ad.
(4) Once we make the payment and submit our ad, we need to wait for its display.
(5) Once our add displays on Google first page, a visitor can see now it by search the particularly related keyword for which this ad has been placed.
(6) Once visitor sees the add, can click on it if visitors find it worth clicking.
(7) Now you will be charged on every click. People can click on your ad until you have payment remaining in your account.
(8) Once your money finished, your add will be removed because you don’t have sufficient fund in your ad words accounts.
(9) To continue your ad you need to add money to your account.

Conclusion: If you need fast advertisement or fast online popularity you can go for PPC but if you want stable and long-term popularity you need to go for an organic promotion like SEO, SMO. To learn how Pay Per Click (PPC) works you can get visit the site www.jsdm.in


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