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Do you want to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your online business website with smart PPC advertising marketing? Do you want to learn how to set up Google Adwords for your online business website? Do you want to learn how to set up Bing ADs, Display Ads? Do you want to learn how to spend minimum PPC budget and get maximum profit while running Pay Per Click ads? Student’s professionals Entrepreneurs join JSDM your best PPC Training Institute in Jaipur offer live project PPC training in Jaipur. Do you want to learn Google display ads and Google PPC ads? PPC ( Pay-Per-Click): The way of getting online presence in very short time by placing paid ads on search engines result pages. JSDM is your best Live project PPC training institute in Jaipur. Students and professionals learn how to run PPC ads and display ads under industry best PPC experts. Check below what you can learn in Pay per click.

Choosing Keywords: Keywords Research

Learn How to do keyword research! Learn how many kinds of keywords are! Learn How to select business sales keywords! JSDM is the best Keyword research training Institute in Jaipur! The most important part of PPC is to choose your keywords those are searched by lot of people.

Suppose your keyword is “PPC” and search volume for PPC keywords is approx 12000/monthly it means approx 12000 people visit the Google first page by searching this keyword. Now if you purchased your  Ad for PPC keyword it means you will get at least 12000 approx impressions for your Ad. If you have written an effective or interesting ad that gives an answer for which a user is landed on the same page, you have good chance to get click. Once a user clicks on your Ad, you charged at that time by Google. Your Ad will be live until you have sufficient payment in your PPC account.


Quality Of Your Website:

If your website is user friendly, mobile friendly and search engine friendly and have very good quality then you have great chance to buy space on Google for your Ad. If your website have many problems and does not matches the quality standards, it is possible Google denied to place your ads

CPC Bids:

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. You need to login to your approved ad words account to check bids and to start PPC. If your keywords have high search volume and competition you need to pay high cost and if your keywords has low searches then you need to pay a low cost.

PPC Course Introduction

The Keyword research Process
How an advertiser know which keyword is best to select?

Understand the keywords!
Types of keywords
how to select the keywords
How to change the keywords

Buying Funnel
Know more about buying Funnel
Target users via Buying Funnel


Explore the keyword Match type
Semantic and Syntactic keywords
Exact match keywords, Broad Match keywords, and Phrase match keywords


How to get rid from negative keywords?

Learn Keyword research Techniques
How to research keywords manually
How to research keywords using Google Keyword planner tool
How to research Keywords using various other keyword research tools?

Learn to Create Compelling Google PPC ads

Location and Language Targeting PPC Campaign
Audience Type – Demographic Targeting PPC Ads

Understand Display network
Display targeting Options
Contextual Targeting, Placement Targeting, Layered Targeting

Format of Display Ads
Creation, running and Analysis of PPC Campaign

Start Your Pay Per Click training at JSDM Institute as it offer many Benefits to students and professionals –

  1. Improve Knowledge – Become responsible to Improve any Clients Business
  2. Start your own business Pay Per Click campaign to save time and money
  3. 100% Job Oriented PPC training Institute – Get PPC Job after Completion of PPC Course Training in Jaipur at JSDM
  4. Start PPC freelancing as a bright Career

So, if you are a Graduate, Undergraduate, Engineering Student, BCA Student, Pursuing MCA, Job seeker, then Start your Pay Per Click training in the best PPC Training Institute in Jaipur – JSDM, Call us now Immediately Book your pay per click training Seat. We at JSDM provide Live project Training in Completed Digital marketing Courses in Jaipur to Students and professionals. If you want to learn Complete Digital marketing courses (SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Writing) in Jaipur then join JSDM your best Digital marketing training Institute in Jaipur.