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What is On-Page SEO?

The process of optimizing a web page to get the high visibility in Search Engine is called On page SEO optimization. Suppose you have a website abc.com and you want to do SEO for this website. All the activities that you perform on the site abc.com to make it SEO friendly so that Search Engine can rank this website is called On page SEO. If you run a business then you bust know the complete ON-Page SEO.

What is the On-Page SEO Activities?

  • Web Page URL Structure: This is a most important On Page activity. According to Google, we need to make a good URL structure. There are two types or URL’s.

         (a) Dynamic URL: This type or URL’s are not ok for SEO point of view. You must be knowing the structure of dynamic URL’s. Such as abc.com/?%20%_my-services%20%P

        (b) Static URL: This type of URL is good for any website SEO point of view. For example – abc.com/my-                           services

         How to keep web pages name?

         While writing web pages name it is must to know what the purpose of the page is. It is good to include your main keyword in the page name.

  • Canonical URL:

Using Canonical tag we can set the priority for the search engine to rank the particular URL in case if we have 2 pages showing the same services or have the same content.

  • SSL certificate integration:

This is the most important factor in SEO. To make the website secure we need to integrate SSL certificate. Once we integrate it our website opens with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Search Engine gives the extra priority to those websites who have SSL certificate integrated.

  • Web Page Load Speed: This is very important Ranking factory. Google gives the priority while ranking to those websites who have high page load speed. Websites those are very slow to open creates the bad user experience and that is a negative signal for them. Websites those open within 2-3 seconds are counted fast loading websites.
  • Sitemap Integration: Sitemap is an important file SEO point of view. The search engine comes to know about website structure with the help of sitemap. Sitemap has multiple types (a) Xml sitemap (b) HTML sitemap (c) Image sitemap
  • txt file integration: Robots.txt file is used to block any web page from Search Engine spiders. Search engine spiders or crawlers crawl the web pages before indexing them. If any page is blocked via robots.txt file it means search engines robots will be Crawl that particular file and because of that not be able to index. Only those pages with important information are blocked from search engine not to index.
  • Meta Data: Metadata keeps most important information for any website and search engines. Normally Metadata consists of Title, Meta keywords and Meta description. When someone enters any keywords to find in a search engine like Google, Search engine show basically three things on SERP. A title, URL and Meta description. The title is written within 60-65 characters and Meta description is written within 150-160 characters but accordingly Google there is no fixed length for Meta description.
  • Page Headings: Page heading is very important for every web page. Most important page heading includes H1, then sub-heading H2 and then H3, H4, H5, and H6. 
  • Page Content: Content is king. 400-500 words content on the web page can be sufficient amount. Content should be unique and original for every page and should be optimized for both users and search engine. Page content should include the answer for visitors for which they are looking for. Adding question are good practice like What, where, when, why etc.
  • Images: Every page should include at least one related image. With the help of images, information can be understood easily. Images should be optimized and the size of every image should be less than 100kb. Alt tags should be included to all images. Without Alt tag search engine cannot understand that what type of image is.
  • Rich snippets: Google now days shows rich snippets in SERP. It means Google shows extra information on the websites those have implemented rich snippets means structure data to their web page. Extra information such as ratings, reviews etc.

Which is the best On Page SEO training institute in Jaipur?

JSDM ( Jaipur School of Digital Marketing) provides the best On-Page SEO training in Jaipur. JSDM provides not only On-Page SEO, but also Off-page SEO, keywords research, SMO, SEM, SMM, Email marketing etc.

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