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Crawl: Crawling is the process of finding new or updates webpage by search engines crawling software called crawlers or bots. If we talk about Google search engine then we can say searching new pages by Google bot. Once Google crawlers access new and updates page next step to index those web pages in Google’s indexing.

Crawl Errors:

While accessing or crawling new and updates pages Google bot finds difficulty to access some pages. There may be many reasons why Googlebot unable to access certain pages of your website. These types of errors are called crawl errors.web crawlers

How many types of crawl errors?

Mainly there are two types of crawl errors

  • Site Crawl Errors (B) URL Crawl Errors

Site Crawl Errors: If Google bot is prevented to access your entire site than this type errors are included in site crawl errors. There are three types of site crawls errors.

  • DNS Errors: This type or errors occurs when a web server is down or there is an issue with DNA configuration.
  • Robots Errors: This type of errors occur robots.txt file disallows a certain Url from crawling. Google crawlers have to visit the robots.txt file and need to follow the instructions before visiting any webpage.
  • Server Errors: These type errors occur when the web server is down and due to that Googlebot cannot access the Url.

 URL Crawl Errors: There are three types of URL Crawl errors

  • Common URL Errors: This type of errors occur when HTTP Response is not ok and 404 custom page is not set up correctly.

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