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If you run a website than it is necessary for you to know whether your website is visible in Google Search Engine or not. Now you must be thinking

how to know my website is included in Google or not?

The answer is you can check using a site command.  You simply open Google search engine and type “site:yourwebstie.com”. Now you can see web pages from your website in Google, if you don’t see your websites in Google it means your website is not included in Google.



What are the reasons my site is not visible in Google?

  • If you have a new website then you should keep patience to check the inclusion of your website in Google because it takes some days to index web pages by Google crawlers.
  • Check your robots.txt file. If you have the robots.txt file then it should be written correctly. Some robots file blocks the whole website not to index in Google.
  • Check your head section if there is “noindex” tag is added. If yes then you need to remove that immediately because this tag does not allow Google crawlers to crawl and index webpage in Google.
  • Sometimes web design also creates the problem to index the web pages.

How do I add my website to Google to make it visible?

You can add your website in Google following techniques.

  • Always it is not necessary to manually submit the site in Google for inclusion because Google crawlers automatically visit the new and updates websites. There are many websites those are included in Google index automatically. So once you finish you design and live on the server you must wait and check if your website is included in Google or not. You can check by following this command “site:mywebsite.com”
  • If you think its been long time and your website is not indexed till now, you can manually submit your website in Google visiting the link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

Note – This Google Indexing Tool is not Working in 2019, so what to do to Index any business website in the Google Search Engine? Generate Sitemap, and Do on-page optimization of your business website! How to do? Then,  learn complete digital marketing course at JSDM Jaipur.

  • One of the best techniques to index any website in Google is to submit a sitemap. There are two main sitemaps you need to submit. One is HTML sitemap that for Users point of view and second is XML sitemap that is for Search Engine. It’s very easy to create a sitemap using tools. You can create free sitemap up to 500 pages using this link https://www.xml-sitemaps.com
  • You can promote your website on social media sites and that is called social bookmarking. This activity helps to crawl the websites and indexing.
  • You can add your site in Google webmaster tool or also called Google search console. You can fetch the website using fetching option. This invites Google’s crawlers to visit your site and to include in index.
  • If you want to learn more about techniques that are used to get any website listed in Google you can visit here.

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