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If you are learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your own or from any SEO training institute you need to keep eye on the topic “crawlability” because you must know how to make a web page easily crawlable by crawlers. Now you must be thinking what is a crawler?

A crawler is a program or spider that works for various search engines to visit web pages live on the internet and collect the information from those web pages to store in search engine’s database or Index.

If we talk about the most famous search engine Google then Google bots visit millionaire or web pages daily and collect information and store in Google Index.

To rank any web page or website in the search engine it is necessary that web page should be available for crawlers to crawl them easily. If a website has all other things very well like website content, on page SEO, page load speed and other things but if the site has issues at crawling stage, it may create a big problem and will not be easy to rank in a search engine. Here are some points you can focus on to make a website crawl friendly.

  • Removing noindex Tag: You need to check your web page codes carefully. Check if there is “noindex” tag in metadata. Crawlers even don’t try to read the content on the page where noindex tag is applied. So you need to remove it immediately.
  • Uses of No follow directive: If any web page that has no follow directive, creates a problem for crawlers. No follow directive can be used in two type, one is to make no follow for all links on the web page and another is to make no follow to any specific link. You need to remove no follow the directive to make a web page crawl able easily for search engine spiders.
  • Broken links: If you have broken links on your website it means crawlers cannot crawl your all valuable pages. Broken links stop web crawlers to reach to all other web pages.
  • Server errors: If the web server where your website is hosted is down or have 5xx errors can create a problem for web crawlers to crawl your web pages easily.
  • Sitemap: It is important to submit a correct sitemap so that crawlers can Crawl your site easily. Any wrong URL in sitemap can stop spiders to continue to crawl that page.
  • Page Load Speed: To make a website crawler friendly it is necessary to make that site load speed fast. If your site page load speed is too slow, we are making crawlers to become slow down.

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