JSDM | Learn How Search Engine Works to Rank a Website?



This article is specially written for the beginner who is trying to know how a search engine works to rank a website. Before starting the ranking process you must know something about the search engine.

What is a search engine?

Search Engine is actually a tool based on Web that helps people to search anything on the Internet. There are many search engines available such as Google, Yahoo, Band and more. Google is the most famous search engine among all of them. Approx 90% of search queries are generated from Google search engine.

Gone are the days SEO’s used to add keywords on web pages and some link building and its done. But now SEO has changed a lot. Old strategies are not going to work anymore because Google is smarter now.  Google launching new algorithms and updating algorithm repeatedly to produce the best relevant results in Search Engine.

Here is the video published by Matt cuts, the former engineer in Google search. This video can help you understand how a search engine works.

How Does Search Engine work?

To know how a search engine works we need to understand the following tasks

(1) Keywords: When someone types a word or phrases in the Search engine to find something these type or words are called keywords. Keywords have an important role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO exists because of keywords. Keywords are divided into different categories SEO point of view. In SEO language there are three types of keywords. (a) Keywords (one word) (b) Keyphrases (two or more words) (3) Long tail keywords ( Three or more than three words).

(2) On-Page SEO: In this part, we include three things mainly.

(a) Crawling: When Google’s crawlers or spiders visit new web pages or updated web pages to add in to Google’s Index database are called crawling. While crawling Google spiders check various things.

(b) Indexing: This is a very important task to rank any webpage. Indexing is the process of collecting the new web pages and updated web pages and adding them to Google’s database. All web pages those appear in Google search engine comes from Google Indexing database. If you want to rank your webpage it is necessary to have that webpage in Google index.

(c) Technical SEO: This is also an important part to work on if you want to rank your web page. There are many things included in Technical SEO.

Technical tasks are related to

URL Structure

Page Speed

Page Redirection

Structure Data

Robots and sitemap

Content and images

(3) Off-Page SEO:  This part keeps an important role while ranking a web page. In this part, we basically work to get backlinks and that called link building. To understand what is link building we will publish an article soon. Some sort of thing included in this part are

Content writing & Promotion

Link building

Link Earning

Social Promotions

(4) Search Algorithm: Search algorithms are the programs those judge the various things while ranking a webpage. Some algorithms are Penguin, Panda, EMD, Hummingbird, Pigeon, Mobilegaddon, Rank brain etc.


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