JSDM | How to Increase the Business Using PPC Services



What is PPC?

PPC stands to Pay Per Click. PPC is the type of paid advertisement on a search engine to get clicks on your add. PPC ads mostly are shown on the top and bottom of the search engine page and called paid search results.

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Works?

Once the ad is placed by Google it is publicly shown on search engine page. When a visitor sees your add and click on it, it sends visitors to your site and search engine charges a small fee for every click made by visitors. Once a visitor clicks on your ads, visitor reaches to your site and if you have added the information or services on your website for which visitor is looking for, you have good chance to convert that visitor into sale and this way you can increase your business using PPC Services.

How is PPC Good Idea to use instead of working for organic search results?

  • Fast Results: PPC is the good way to advertise your services or products because it gives the fast results. The organic search takes time to come on Search Engine’s first page whereas PPC Advertisement can be shown within a day.
  • Budget Advertisement: PPC is good because you can go according to your budget. Your Ad’s will be live on search engine page until you have funds in your PPC account. Once money ends your ad will be removed.
  • Google rewards the Ads who have the highest quality. The better your Ads, the better your performance, better your click-through rates (CTR) for lower cost.

How to get placed your PPC Ad?

To get space on Google search engine page for your PPC Ad you need to do the following

  • Select your keyword for which you want your Ad to be appear
  • You need a bid for the same
  • Your sites or landing page should have very good quality because the ranking of your Ad is judge by Max bid x Quality score of your landing page=Ad Rank

What type of keywords do I need to select for PPC Campaigns?                          

  • Keywords that you are going to research should be related to your business and should be searched highly by visitors. If you select the keyword that is searched by less number of people then you are not going to make a big profit. If you search keywords that have high search volume means lots of visitors are going to click on your ad. Finally you should select the keyword that has high CTR and low CPC.

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