Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

JSDM Digital Marketing Institute offers the best digital marketing course in Jaipur! Engineers and Fresher’s join 6 months training of digital marketing courses in Jaipur.
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Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur

JSDM is the best Digital marketing Institute in Jaipur for Engineering students and professionals. We offer various digital marketing courses to B. Tech and M. tech Engineering Students. Start learning Google Digital marketing course, starting from Industry best digital marketing experts in Jaipur.

Students, professionals, and government Professionals Looking to learn the Digital Marketing World! It is the right time to transfer to the world of digital technology! Do you want to learn how to leverage digital marketing technology? Do you want to learn more about the working of the Google search engine? Do you want to know how Artificial Intelligence helps Data to drive real-time results? Are you looking to learn non-coding technology? Do you want to transfer your career and work into the digital world?

In our complete Google digital marketing course, you will not only explore the real-time working facet of digital marketing but learn more about Google working under experts. Our Experts train each single engineering student to learn SEO on-page and off-page techniques. Our aim is to develop complete digital marketing skills in students with confidence so, after SEO, SMO PPC training at JSDM can get job easily in any digital marketing company. If you are a client, or a business professional, or housewife, or fresher, or a government employee, you will complete the various steps in the complete Google digital marketing courses with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the digital marketing landscape. We will guide you to achieve your business objectives under our digital marketing training institute in Jaipur.

We are now living in a Digital World. The digital world means nearly half of the world population connected via the Internet. A business owner, who is doing traditional business, now thinks to tap into the Digital business! We at JSDM let you know digital marketing opportunities, and how an online business website, video, content, image, social media help you to reach your business goals. We provide Digital marketing Courses, training to Students and Business professionals. Join Right now to Start Digital marketing training at JSDM Institute Jaipur.

Live Project Digital marketing course Certificate completed in the following ways

2 months of digital marketing course training in Jaipur:

  • SEO Digital marketing course module
  • In-class Intensive: 5 Days per Week
  • Saturday and Sunday Off
  • Time- 10am to 8pm
  • Evening Digital marketing courses Class Also Available

4 months of digital marketing course training in Jaipur:

  • SEO SMO Digital marketing course module
  • In-class Intensive: 5 Days per Week
  • Saturday and Sunday Off
  • Time- 10am to 8pm
  • Evening Digital marketing courses Class Also Available

6 months of digital marketing course training in Jaipur:

  • SEO SMO PPC Digital marketing course module completed
  • In-class Intensive: 5 Days per Week
  • Saturday and Sunday Off
  • Time- 10am to 8pm
  • Evening Digital marketing courses Class Also Available
  • Jaipur Engineering students know what the JSDM Digital marketing Certificate Course covers.
  • Let’s explore you’re in-class digital marketing training course in Jaipur India.
  • Get hands-on Guidance with the real-time working environment in the digital world.
  • Business owners learn how to effectively use digital marketing course for the improvement of your specific online business objectives.
  • Learn how to plan digital marketing strategies for any kind of online business.
  • Learn to run paid online business campaigns.
  • Get real-time working training at JSDM to apply and access various digital channels to reform. perform and transform your online business.

Business Owners Join JSDM Digital marketing Courses in Jaipur. Grow your own online business with your own pace. We provide flexible and personalized SEO SMO PPC training courses in Jaipur. Our training courses will help you to build a business strategy. Explore deep understanding of the online opportunity. You can plan your own online business strategy. You know more in the digital world. You will become part of the new developments in the digital ecosystem. More knowledge More Insights means more business after learning digital marketing training courses at JSDM.

  • Simple Steps for Engineering Students Growth in the Digital World
  • Select your own Skill
  • Start Live Project Digital marketing Course Training in Jaipur
  • Start learning at your own pace
  • Track your progress via digital marketing tests
  • Get Certified Digital marketing training course
  • Get 100% Job placement
  • Online business brings fantastic Opportunities
  • Help to find many new customers from various regions
  • Sell products and services via business websites or via App
  • Targeting online customers via Advertisements
  • Learn more about what your customer like
  • Use of local and global analytics
  • Learn Core Components of Digital World

Suppose your business is of the retail, and doing from decades with a word of mouth! It is time to change, Start learning Digital marketing concepts at JSDM Jaipur.

Every day thousands of small, and medium business around the world shifting their traditional business to online business Start learning SEO SMO PPC to start your online business. 

Suppose you want to sell online products in Australia, sitting from the Jaipur? Then, how you have to sell it? It is not possible without learning digital marketing? Join JSDM, so that we guide you how to sell online products from one country to another and grow your business to earn profit internationally via Digital marketing course in Jaipur.

6 Months In-Class Google Digital marketing Course Covers Following Topics

Day 1: Digital marketing Course Overview:

  • Learn W H I T E H A T SEO
  • Learn G R E Y H A T SEO
  • Learn B L A C K H A T SEO
  • Learn P A Y P E R C L I C K
  • Learn C O N T E N T W R I T I N G
  • Learn C O N T E N T M A R K E T I N G
  • Learn V I D E O M A R K E T I N G
  • Learn K E Y W O R D R E S E A R C H
  • Learn G O O G L E W E B M A S T E R
  • Learn G O O GL E A N A L Y T I C S
  • Learn D I G I T A L M A R K E T I N G T O O L S

Copywriting Digital marketing course in Jaipur:

  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • What is Copywriting & Why is it Important? How to Write for Your Buyer Persona Attention – Headlines are “Eighty Cents of the Dollar”.
  • 11 Tips to Write Magnetic Headlines
  • A.I.D.A – Interest, Desire & Action
  • Assignment – Copywriting

Day 2: Search Engine Optimization Course in Jaipur:

  • Let’s explore what SEO is?
  • What is a Search Engine?
  • How Giant Google Search Engine Works?
  • Let’s explore the history of various search engines. Learn more about the Google Giant Search Engine. What are various kinds of search engines?
  • What is a keyword?
  • How to do keyword research?
  • How to do keyword research manually?
  • Which is the best free tool for keyword research?
  • How to select appropriate keywords according to the business?
  • Do you want to learn how to rank any business website at the top of the Giant Google?
  • How to make any business website SEO friendly?
  • Learn how to very any business website using Google webmaster and Google analytics?
  • How to improve website performance?
  • Learn How to find Google mobile-friendliness of any business website?
  • Learn the strategy to discover and select the best sales keywords for any targeted business.
  • How to create SEO friendly Titles of all the web pages on a website?
  • Learn how to create Meta description and meta tags?
  • How to create sitemaps, robots.txt and .htaccess file?
  • Learn How to make images to appear for the targeted keywords?
  • Learn more about the Click Through Rate?
  • Learn SEO terms
  • Learn all about External links and Internal Links
  • Learn LSI, Keyword density, Keyword proximity, and keyword prominence.
  • How to create Back Links?
  • How to create creative and attractive content?
  • Learn all things about Content marketing under JSDM experts
  • Learn How to Rank any business website in top Google Business Listing Places for various keywords.

Day 3: White Hat SEO course in Jaipur:

  • White Hat Search Engine Optimization Covers following Topics
  • What is White Hat SEO? What is organic SEO?
  • How to Do White Hat SEO?
  • Why White Hat organic SEO requires in any company?
  • How to become white Hat SEO professional?

Day 4: On-Page Optimization:

  • In SEO on Page Optimization, learn the following topics
  • What is On-Page Optimization?
  • How to do On Page Optimization of any Business Website?
  • What are the main benefits of on-page optimization SEO? Why on Page optimization is necessary?

Day 5: Off-Page Optimization:

  • Learn Following topics in Off Page Optimization Course
  • Overview of off page Optimization.
  • What is of Page Optimization?
  • What is the Important of the Off Page Optimization?
  • How to Do off Page Optimization?
  • What is Link Building?
  • How to Create Quality Backlinks?

Day 6: On-Page Optimization:

  • Learn Complete On Page Optimization Course in Jaipur under Experts with Live Project Training.

Note: Theory with Live Project Every Day + Next Day Test.

Day 7: What are the various On-page optimization techniques?

Day 8: How to do keyword research?

Day 9: How to Write Web Content?

Day 10: How to Optimization the website content according to Google rules?

Day 11: How to write the title of every web page?

Day 12: Learn to write Description of every web page.

Day 13: Learn how to optimization images?

  • Why need arise to optimize the web pages images?

Day 14: What is keyword density?

  • What is keyword proximity?
  • What is keyword prominence?
  • What is LSI?

Day 15: How to Do Web page Speed Optimization?

Day 16: Get various free on-page SEO tools!

Day 17: How to create Sitemaps? What are sitemaps?

Day 18: What is Robots.txt? How to create robots.txt? What is the Importance of Robots.txt?

Day 19: What is htaccess? How to create .htacces? What is the Importance of .htacces?

Day 20: Learn on page optimization manual process to optimization the business websites under well-experienced industry on page experts.

Day 21: Learn More than 200 Google Rules in On-Page Optimization Google Digital marketing Course in Jaipur.

Day 22: On Page Optimization, Continue…

Day 23: Live Project Training on On-Page Optimization

Day 24: Live Project Training on On-Page Optimization

Day 25: Live Project Training on On-Page Optimization

Day 26: Off-page Optimization along with Live Project Training:

  • Learn Various off Page SEO Optimization techniques under experts
  • Link Building course in Jaipur
  • Off-Line SEO
  • Learn Various Link Building techniques

Overview of SEO off Page Course in Jaipur under Experts:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog Commenting
  • Broken Link Building
  • .edu and .Gov backlink creation
  • Forum Discussions Link Building Strategy
  • Article and Blog Creation with links
  • Web 2.0 Link Building Strategy
  • Guest Blogging, Infographics and Influencer Marketing

Day 27:  Live Project Training in social bookmarking

Day 28: Live Project Training in Blog Commenting

Day 29: Live Project Training in Forum Discussions

Day 30: Live Project Training in Article Blog and Web 2.0 link Building

Day 31: Live Project Training in Profile backLinks

Day 32:  Live Project Training in Local Ads

Day 33: Live Project Training in Business Listings

Day 34: Live Project Training in Guest Posting

Day 35: Live Project Training in Infographics

Day 36: Live Project Training in How to Create .Gov and .Edu backLinks

Day 37: Live Project off Page Training in various Other off Page Techniques

Day 38: Live Project Link building training continues

Day 39: Live Project Practical White Hat organic Link Building techniques continue

Day 40: Live Project Off-page Techniques Continue

Day 41: How to become an SEO Freelancer?

Day 42: How to Get Freelancing Projects?

Day 43: Off-Page Interview Preparations:

Students, professionals, and Engineers Join JSDM training Institute to Start learning live project working on the creation of the various link-building Techniques under well-experienced digital marketers.

Day 44: Google Content Writing Courses in Jaipur

Day 45: Learn Article content writing

Day 46: Learn Blog Content Writing

Day 47: Learn Web 2.0 Content Writing

Day 48: Learn Press release content writing

Day 49: Learn Web Content Writing

Day 50: Google Adwords course in Jaipur:

  • Overview of Adwords Basics.
  • Benefits of Google Adwords How Google Adwords Works Define Success & Set Up Tracking Analyze Your PPC Competition Have a Congruent Landing Page Select The Right Campaign Type Target Your Audience.
  • Determine Your Bids & Budgets Write Effective Ads.
  • Choose Profitable Keywords Advanced Campaign Settings Measure & Optimize.
  • Assignment – Google Adwords.

Day 51: Introduction to Adwords Keyword Tool:

  • Setting Search Options
  • Understanding Keyword Results
  • Basic Adwords Overview

Day 52: Using Adwords Interface:

  • Introduction to Adwords Interface
  • Introduction to Campaign Hierarchy
  • Introduction to Campaign Settings
  • Create a Campaign
  • Create an Adgroup

Day 53: The Impact of Your Quality Score:

  • What is Quality Score (QS)
  • Impact of QS on Bids
  • QS And Writing Ads
  • QS and Destination Pages

Day 54: Creating and Testing Ads:

  • How to Create an Ad
  • Introduction to Split Testing
  • Creating Multiple Ads
  • Monitoring Ads

Day 55: Introduction to Bidding for Keywords:

  • Introduction to the Bidding Process
  • How to Use QS to Reduce CPC
  • Bidding for Keywords
  • Monitoring Non-Performing Ads

Day 56: Enhancing Your Ads Effectiveness:

  • Introduction to Extensions
  • How to Use URL Extensions
  • Tips on Mobile Marketing
  • Things to Avoid in Adwords

Day 57 and Day 58: Jaipur Course in Digital Marketing Fundamentals:

  • Learn More about Achieved Goals
  • Let’s Explore the Creative Ideas
  • Learn complete Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to the Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Learn How to attract the buyer
  • Learn what the various ways to find the online audience are
  • How to sell Products online?
  • What is the best Strategy to sell products online?
  • How to Generate Leads and improve sales of any business via Digital marketing strategy?

Day 59 | Day 60 | Day 61 | Day 62 | Day 63 | Day 64: Start learning WordPress under WordPress Experts:

Day 65: Start your Live Project:

  • Market Research Introduction to Market Research
  • Why Typeform?
  • How to Design Your Online Survey How to Distribute Your Online Survey How to Analyze Your Survey Results Assignment – Market Research
  • Quiz – Market Research
  • Set Up a Website
  • Build This Site in Less Than 1 Hour
  • Why Use WordPress vs. Wix, Weebly, etc?
  • How to Verify WHOIS Information [IMPORTANT] How to Add Pages, Post, Menus, and Widgets
  • How to Add a Premium WordPress Theme
  • How to Improve Your WordPress Security with Plugins
  • How to Activate Your Free SSL Certificate in 1 Click!
  • Assignment – Set Up a Website
  • Learn Overview of WordPress

Day 66: Live Project Training in Google Analytics:

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Enable These 3 Essential Reports
  • Set up Goal Tracking to Measure Success Filter Internal Traffic So You Don’t Skew Your
  • How to add a website to Google Analytics
  • Importance of Google Analytics
  • Why digital analytics?
  • How Google Analytics works
  • How to set up views with filters

Day 67:  Explore the Layout of Google Analytics:

  • Understanding the Navigating Google Analytics
  • Learn the Realtime Dashboard
  • Learn the Audience Dashboard
  • Learn Acquisition Menu
  • Set Up Goals
  • Know the Audience Behavior
  • Know the Reports

Day 68: learn to set up the dashboards in Google Analytics:

  • Learn to create Basic Reporting
  • Learn to create Audience reports
  • Learn to create Acquisition reports
  • Learn to create Behavior reports

Day 69: Learn Basic Campaign and Conversion Tracking:

  • Learn to measure Custom Campaigns
  • Learn Tracking campaigns with the URL Builder under experts
  • How to Use Goals? How to measure business objectives?
  • How to measure Google Ads campaigns?
  • Live project Practical Course review training

Day 70: Advanced Google Analytics Training Course in Jaipur – Learn what Data Collection is and what is data processing?

  • Aim of Google Analytics Data collection
  • Users and Sessions category
  • Know more about Configuration Settings
  • Generate reports with Stored Data
  • Let’s create a measurement Plan

Day 71: Advanced Google Analytics Training Course in Jaipur – Let’s Set up Data Collection and Data Configuration:

  • Now organize your Google Analytics Account
  • How to Set up Advance Filters on views
  • Learn to create Custom Dimensions
  • Learn How to create your own Custom Metrics
  • Learn to understand the Event Tracking Behavior
  • There are some more useful Configurations

Day 72: Advanced Google Analytics Training Course in Jaipur – Advance Analysis Techniques and Analysis tools:

  • Learn Segment data
  • Learn to analyze data by channel
  • Learn to analyze Audience data
  • Learn to analyze the detailed custom reports via Google Analytics

Day 73: Advanced Google Analytics Training Course in Jaipur – Lets Start learning Advance Marketing Tools:

  • What is the complete process of remarketing?
  • Learn Why Dynamic Marketing is better for targeting?
  • Let’s explore the JSDM Google Analytics Course in Detail

Day 74: Let’s start to learn Google Webmaster Course in Jaipur

Google Webmaster or Google Search Console Course Details:

  • What is the Google Webmaster or Google Search Console?
  • Learn How to connect any business Website with Google Webmaster?
  • Learn How to add properties and users to your account?
  • Learn Why Connect your Site with Google Search Console
  • Why Verify your Website with Google Search Console
  • Specify whether your website is of www or non-www
  • Learn How to remove or add users
  • How to Submit Sitemap
  • How to set up robots.tx file
  • Now learn How to monitor your business website

Day 75: Let’s start to learn Google Webmaster Course in Jaipur- Google Webmaster Dashboard learning Course in Detail:

  • Learn How to check the performance of any business website?
  • Learn what are the Coverage Issues?
  • Learn How to Target any business website internationally?
  • How many links need to create per day?
  • Learn what is the meaning of total Clicks?
  • Learn what is the meaning of Impressions?
  • Learn the meaning of Average Position and Average CTR?

Day 76: Live Project training on Google Webmaster and Google Analytics

Day 77: Test on the Google Webmaster and Google Analytics course

Day 78: Test on the SEO off Page techniques

Day 79:  Test on the SEO on- Page Techniques

Day 80: Test on Google Keyword Research

Day 81: Learn Email Marketing Course in Jaipur:

  • Introduction to Email Marketing – what is Email marketing?
  • Learn How to construct List building?
  • Why List Building Is So Important
  • Learn which email marketing tool is best for email marketing?
  • How to search for the best email marketing tool?
  • Learn How to Track the Email Signups to any business website via Google Analytics Tools?
  • Learn How to use Popup and Forums on any business website?
  • Learn what consists of the Email Template for Email marketing
  • A quiz about Email marketing
  • Learn How Email marketing Grow your business?
  • Learn how to write unique creative Spam free content for Email marketing?
  • Learn How to find emails of users manually

Day 82: Live Project training on Email marketing + Run Email Campaigns

Day 83: Test on Email marketing

Day 84: Social media marketing:

  • What is Social media marketing?
  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
  • How to do social media marketing?
  • Why Need Social media Marketing?
  • How to do manual and paid Social media marketing?
  • Learn what are the benefits of Social media marketing?
  • Know what is expected to a maximum salary of a Social media marketer?
  • Learn Various Social media Marketing Channels?

Day 85: Twitter Marketing Course in Jaipur:

  • Overview of the Social media Channels – Twitter
  • Learn Twitter Marketing Benefits
  • Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Why Twitter?
  • Learn how Twitter Improve Your Business Brand Visibility?
  • Learn How Twitter Works
  • Learn Twitter marketing is for which kind of business.

Day 86 and Day 87:

  • Learn complete steps What Not to Do on Twitter
  • Learn what the unique Ways to Get More Retweets are
  • Learn Steps to Optimize Your Twitter Profile
  • Learn the best time to post on Twitter
  • Learn creative Ways to Promote Your Twitter business account
  • Use Hashtags to Increase Discoverability Follow Top Twitter Users
  • Let’s explore more about the “Poster Boy Formula”
  • Learn How to Join a Trending Conversation on Twitter
  • Learn more about the Twitter Analytics Account
  • How to bring your Twitter account into the real physical world?
  • It’s time to Track Twitter Results
  • Twitter Analytics Assignment

Day 88: Live project Training on Twitter marketing – Run Campaigns on Twitter

Day 89: Test on Twitter Marketing

Day 90:  Learn Facebook Marketing Course in Jaipur:

  • Learn manual Facebook marketing course
  • Learn how to Create Facebook page
  • Learn How to create a Facebook group
  • Learn How to optimize Facebook Page
  • Learn how to create Facebook Business Page Logo
  • Learn How to create and upload a Facebook business cover page
  • Learn to create Facebook business page Description and tags
  • Learn How to add Hashtags
  • Explore Facebook Apps & Tabs
  • Page Settings creation and updating process
  • Learn how to create Facebook posts images
  • Learn How to guide Facebook the Graphic Designer to create posts for Facebook ads and Facebook posts.
  • Learn what the best time to post Facebook post is
  • Learn how to set up Facebook Paid Ad campaign
  • Learn what the dimensions of the Facebook Page logo are and cover page images
  • Learn to know the dimensions of the Facebook paid campaign image
  • Facebook Marketing Analyze Acquisition
  • Overview Report Introduction to Facebook Marketing Analyze
  • Analyze Best Days to Post

Day 91: Live Project Training – Run Paid Facebook Campaign

Day 92: Live Project Facebook marketing Training

Day 93: Manual Facebook marketing Course Guidance

Day 94: Facebook marketing without paid Advertisements\

Day 95: Live Project Training on Facebook Manual marketing

Day 96: Facebook Course Live Project training

Day 97:  Test on Facebook Manual marketing

Day 98: Test on the Facebook Paid marketing

Day 99:  Google Algorithms Guidance

Day 100: Quora Marketing Course in Jaipur

  • Learn about Quora Marketing
  • Why Quora?
  • How Quora boost your Business Brand Visibility?
  • How to Join Quora Question and Answer Website?
  • Learn How to Optimize Your Quora Profile?
  • How to select questions according to your business?
  • How to create a blog on the Quora
  • How to get back Links from Quora
  • How to make your Quora Profile Trustworthy.
  • How to Provide Answers?
  • How to create Structure of your answers at Quora?
  • Learn to promote the answers at Quora
  • Learn to track the Quora Traffic
  • Know more about ROI in Google Analytics
  • Assignment – Quora
  • Complete Live Project Quora Training

Day 101: Reddit Course:

  • Complete Reddit Course Concept
  • What is Reddit?
  • Learn How to Sign up for Reddit
  • Learn How Reddit Brings Traffic to your Website
  • Learn How to make your Reddit Business Profile reliable and Trustworthy
  • Learn How to use Reddit for Digital marketing

Day 102: Live Project Reddit Course Training

Day: 103: Reddit Test

Day 104: Test on SEO SMO and PPC

Day 105: Test in SEO SMO PPC

Day 106: YouTube marketing Course in Jaipur:

  • YouTube Introduction
  • Why YouTube
  • How to set up YouTube Account
  • How to select the username?
  • How to set up the YouTube Channel?
  • Learn how to optimize your YouTube Channel?
  • Learn how to set up background image and logo of your YouTube channel?
  • Learn How to Write SEO Friendly YouTube Channel Description?
  • Learn YouTube Keyword Research Metrics
  • Learn to upload and create videos
  • Learn to optimize each and every video according to the YouTube Rules and regulations
  • Do you Know “Watch Time” is Golden?
  • Learn How to Increase Watch time in Genuine White Hat method
  • Learn how to Improve YouTube Channel Video Brand Visibility
  • Learn How to create Unique Video

Day 107: Continue YouTube Marketing:

  • Learn How to create YouTube Thumbnails
  • Learn How to create YouTube Annotations
  • Learn how to create Cards YouTube Promotion
  • YouTube Analytics Assignment
  • Quiz – YouTube – Know various YouTube Questions
  • Learn How to Make Google Analytics Annotations
  • It is very Interesting Topic – Analyze Demographics Reports (Age, Gender, and Interests and Behavior)
  • Yes after running YouTube Video necessary to Analyze Geo Report (Language & Location) Analyze Technology & Mobile Report (Browser, OS & Devices)

Day 108: Continue YouTube Marketing Course with Live Project Training

Day 109: Test on YouTube marketing

Day 110: Pinterest marketing

Day 111: Pinterest Test

Day 112: Various other Social media Channels Marketing overview

Day 113: Continue to learn Various Other Social media marketing channels

Day 114: Test on Social media marketing

Day 115: Test on Social media Optimization

Day 116: Test on SEO

Day 117: Test on SEO on page Optimization

Day 118: Test on SEO Off-page Optimization

Day 119: Test on PPC

Day 120: Test on Content Writing

Day 121 to Day 140 – International SEO SMO Training Course in Jaipur + Continue Test and interview Preparation guidance

  • Learn How to sell products from the Indian market to World Wide Countries market?
  • How to become Freelancer
  • How to Bid Online to get Freelancing Projects
  • Digital Marketing Job Interview preparation
  • Learn How to think creative

Day 140 to Day 160 – International Ecommerce SEO + Continue:

  • Test and interview Preparation guidance under Industry best Experts
  • Learn How to Target the Ecommerce online Store to World Wide Countries
  • Learn which ecommerce technology is best for the ecommerce business website development.

Day 161 to Day 200 – International Digital Marketing Course guidance + Continue Test and interview Preparation guidance 

Note: In Between, There may be holidays, so Complete Digital marketing Course in Jaipur completed in 6 months with 100% Job Assistance after Completion of the Digital Marketing Course.

Who can join JSDM Digital marketing Course in Jaipur?

  • Jaipur Students – Start learning Live Project Digital marketing course
  • Freshers also can join to get a job in recession free industry
  • Job Seekers searching for the Job can Join JSDM Institute
  • Professionals working or self-employed Join JSDM training Institute
  • BCA Students and MCA Students learn Digital marketing
  • Engineering Students must Join – think out of the Box
  • Graduate and Under Graduate Engineering Students learn Digital marketing
  • If you are the 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th year Engineering Student – Learn Complete Digital Marketing Course.
  • 10th pass, 11th pass, 12th pass Students can Also Join JSDM to start learning Digital marketing course in Jaipur with a Bright Career opportunity.

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