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Learn Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Tools at JSDM

Learn Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

Yes, you know about the Google Giant search engine offering many services and solutions to the worldwide users! But, do you know about Google Products and services? Do you know about how many products and services offered by the Google? Are you searching these questions in Google? You are at the right place, that Google provide 100 more products, and various tools and services to worldwide users.

It is time for students to learn about the Google products, tools, services and solutions? Are you a Student, doing graduation, or in under graduation mode? Whether you belong to BCA, MCA, B.Tech M.Tech or Doing MBA, BBA, and looking to make a career in the field of latest Google web technologies!

Do you want to learn how Giant Google works? Do you want to make your career in the field or Digital marketing; you spot at the right Training Institute JSDM in Jaipur India! We at Jaipur School of Digital marketing provide real time live project Industrial training in complete digital marketing course to freshers, 12th students, graduate students, undergraduate engineering students and MBA BBA students. First we explore the difference between Google analytics and Google webmaster.


Read More about the Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most used web analytics applications for the worldwide business owners. Through this, we get much information from it regarding the visitor statistics who visit to an online business website. Let’s explore more about the Google Analytics –


Google Analytics tell about Visitor information in following manner-

  1. Shows the number of people visiting your website. This tool also shows the number of new visitors and returning visitors to your online web site
  2. You know how much time your visitors spend on your site.
  3. It also guides you about the number of pages visited by the online visitors.
  4. Know the number of visitors visiting to your site and leaving immediately.
  5. The geographical location of your website visitors is known through Google Analytics!
  6. Explore information about websites that send visitors to your site.



Google Analytics guide webmaster about the Web traffic information –

  1. You can get the information regarding the total number of people visiting to your site on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  2.  It also provides your previous year’s visitor traffic status.
  3. GA offers to compare the earlier month visitors report to present month visitors report.


It provide the Details of the Keywords

  1. It tells information about the keywords that bring traffic to your website.
  2. Google Analytics shows the keywords that produce the most sales.
  3. Know the keywords that keep your visitors on your site longer.


Read More about the Google Webmaster or Google Search Console

This Google tool, i.e. Google search console show about your business web site health! This tool shows how Google will show your site online. It can also used to fix on page problems with the website. It provides a lot of inbuilt features for the webmasters from which site visibility can improve. Let us explore more information about the Google search Console also known as a Google webmaster tool –


Let’s discover website Crawl Errors in your website –

It gives information about pages that Google is not able to crawl. When, Google bots not able to crawl the web pages; such issues, decrease your website visibility in search engines! Through the tool, if you have any issues, then you can detect them and solve them with the help of web developer.


Look the Search Queries-

  1. Your pages contain information that Google has returned to searchers for specific queries. So you can get the following Search information using this tool –
  2. Know the total number of search queries return pages from the site.
  3. Get top search queries that return pages to Google.
  4. Discover results about the number of times your pages viewed in Google’s search results.
  5. Information about the number of times your business web page listing clicked for a particular search query.
  6. Get the average position of your keywords for a website for a particular search query.


The strength of the Back Links –

Google search Console let you know about your back links that makes your website connected with other websites


Get Blocked URL’s Information –

No doubt there are so many web pages in your website that you don’t wish to make crawl to the search engine bots! For that you can no doubt, use robots dot txt file! You decide how the search engine bots crawl the content of your web site. Through webmaster tools you can find out if your robots.txt is working as expected.


It helps to discover big problem to your Website i.e Malware-

Google Webmaster Tools informs you if Google detects any malware on your site.


Let’s explore HTML errors with Google Search Console –

Webmaster Tools notifies you if Google detects any HTML errors on the site.


So, these are the Main differences between the Google Analytics and Google Search Consoles! So, do you want to learn more about Google webmaster and Google Analytics tools with real time live project training under Internet marketing experts then, Join JSDM Digital marketing course Institute in Jaipur India? Google Analytics and Google search console is the part of the Digital marketing course and the Jaipur School of Digital Marketing is the best Internet marketing industrial training institute for students who wish to make a bright career in the field of the Internet marketing.

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