SEO Training In Jaipur

SEO Courses Training in Jaipur: JSDM (Jaipur School of Digital Marketing) is the best coaching center in Jaipur to learn SEO( Search Engine Optimization) by experts.

What Our SEO Course Includes?

Keyword Research:

In this part you can learn how to research the best keywords for your business. This is the very important part of SEO. Without researching  good keywords we can not get the benefit of SEO. Keywords with high search volume and low competition are best to work for.

On Page SEO

In this part you can learn how to optimize web pages for Search Engine and End users. On page SEO have great importance in whole Search Engine Optimization process. This is very necessary to optimize your web page perfectly to get top search engine visibility. Main points of learning

  • Content optimization with keywords distribution.
  • Heading (H1), Sub-heading (H2) optimization
  • Perfect interlinking of web pages
  • Use of optimized images with Alt tag integration
  • Use of sitemap, robots.txt file
  • Proper use or www and https
  • Page speed optimization
  • Integration of social media buttons on web pages
  • Integration of blog
  • Integration of address, phone numbers, maps and live chat

Off Page SEO

In this part you can learn how to reach and engage more people to make popular your brand and also learn how to get backlinks to promote your webpage. In Off site SEO we include various tasks as listed.

  • Blog posting
  • Learn how to create web2.0 and posting content
  • Learn how to get backlinks from various article directories.
  • How to bookmark on various bookmarking sites
  • How to distribute content on press release?
  • You can learn how to promote the site on social media.