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February 29, 2016


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is basically a way of promoting products, brands and services over the World Wide Web to increase reach and convert leads into customers. This way of promotion is also known as Internet Marketing that aims to increase popularity of brand and engage more customers to increase sales through different techniques and strategies. This marketing/advertising media includes Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Display marketing, Social Media Optimization, campaign marketing, SMS, e-books and many other type of digital media. In digital Marketing Internet if the core medium for promotions and other mediums are Mobile, Radio and Television.

Website planning and designing includes a creative, technical and functional criterion that helps to boost up your online presence. Website architecture is completely based on user’s requirement and for a perfect website requires interactive design, unique web content, the business plan, site map and navigation system of website. Website is the first impression on web that showcase your business in best and effective manner.

Search engine optimization popularly known as Internet Marketing is a procedure used to increase visitors to your website and to obtain high ranking in search result page (i.e. SERP) of search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo and many others. This process includes some techniques, tactics, methods and strategies that will also enhance your business in online market.

In Internet Marketing, Search Engine Advertising is a procedure of placing advertisements online on the web pages of search engines that show results from search engine queries. These search engine ads are also known as PPC i.e. Pay per click and now a days Sponsored ads are also becoming a major element for online business.

Social media advertising also called as social media targeting is a term that focuses on the advertisements that are shown in social media or networking websites such as – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. These ads come up with many benefits that can help advertisers in targeting their ads appropriately and that is by providing demographic information of a user.

Google Analytics is a free service which user can track the activities on website, can see real-time visitors and can also generate the report of the traffic on website. This service is provided by Google in November 2005 and now on web Google analytics is the most widely used service on the Internet.

Google AdWords is a paid advertisement program provided by Google that enable advertisers to display their ads in brief and this could be in the format of Image or text or both as it depends on advertiser. These ads are displayed on the basis of Pre-defined keywords of advertiser.

Google AdSense is a facility offered by Google that allows publishers to get paid or earn money by placing ads on their website and these advertisements are provided by Google. Ads could be in the form of Image, Video, text and interactive media which is followed by targeted media and audience.

A blog is a free website or a web page build by an individual or a small group for discussion, sharing thoughts and writing personal opinions. Blogger (A blog service offered by Google) and WordPress are most popular place to create a blog which facilitates with free customized themes compatible with mobile as well.

Video Advertising is also a part of Internet Marketing where Videos are created or made and shared on the Internet. These video ads are especially used for branding and are shown before, during or after video streaming. YouTube (A service by Google), Daily motion and many others are the most popular websites where Video Ads are displayed.

Email marketing is a way of targeting customers through electronic mail and it is also a digital form of direct mail marketing. In this Email-based advertisements with a commercial message is sent to a group of people vie Email that aims to reach potential consumers.

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing (which is based on performance) where affiliates get paid on the basis of CPC, CPA or CPL and its performance is calculated on the basis of clicks, sales and registration. It means getting a business rewards for achieving greater customer attraction by the marketing efforts of affiliate.

Industrial Internships means a full-time or part-time work placement that is offered during the course that helps students in their professional career. It can be paid or unpaid service and most of the time it is temporary. Interns can be from school, college or post-graduate adults.


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