If you are learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your own or from any SEO training institute you need to keep eye on the topic “crawlability” because you must know how to make a web page easily crawlable by crawlers. Now you must be thinking what is a crawler? A crawler is a program or spider that works for various search engines to visit web pages live on the internet and collect the information from those
Lading Page: Landing page is a web page that appears in search engines when someone enters a keyword, term or query in a search box and hit the search button. For example: Let’ talk about the Google search engine. Suppose I am searching for the keyword “SEM Training in Jaipur” on Google and hitting the search button, Google showing me some web pages on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). These all web pages called landing
Search Engine Marketing is a technique of increasing the traffic on a website using paid mechanism. Search Engine marketing is also known as SEM. The person who works to get traffic using Search Engine Marketing technique called search engine marketer or search engine marketing expert. Or in other words, we can say SEM is and digital marketing strategy following that we can make any website visible in search engine. We can also say the techniques
Semantic Content: Content that is written using easy and natural language for both human and search engines. In semantic content words are related to each other and the intent of a searcher is included so that a user can find his answer. While writing semantic content we can use primary keywords, key phrases, synonyms, long tail keywords, and questions and answers. How to write and optimize semantic content? Users Point of view: While writing content
If you are optimizing a website to get top rankings in search engine then you must keep in mind to focus these 5 things. In SEO there are many things changing day by day, it may be related to content, strategy or algorithm. (1) Content: It is said that content is king. Content is the most important part of SEO. Content presents your brand, services or products. Quality content leads your business and helps to
Before understanding the importance of the returning visitors, it is necessary to understand visitors and new visitors. Visitors: When someone visits a website either directly or via referral websites called a visitor for that particular website. For instance, 100 people visit a website xyz.com then we can say the total number of visitors for this particular website for this particular time period is 100. Visitors can be divided into two types. (1) New visitors and
Web traffic means the number of visitors that visit a website either directly or using a referral site. Suppose 100 people visit a website named mywebstie.com in a day than we can say the traffic is 100 visitors on this particular website for the particular day. Any website can get two types of traffic Paid Traffic Organic Traffic Paid Traffic: The traffic that can be generated by spending money called paid traffic. Paid traffic comes
Robots.txt is a notepad file that contains a code and instructs to web crawlers which file to crawl or not to crawl. This is also called Robots exclusion protocol. How to Create a Robots.txt File? It’s easy to create robots.txt file. You can use notepad to create this file. Step1: Open notepad editor Step2: Save the file under name “Robots.txt” Step3: Write the code for robots to follow What robots.txt link looks like? Suppose you
This article is specially written for the beginner who is trying to know how a search engine works to rank a website. Before starting the ranking process you must know something about the search engine. What is a search engine? Search Engine is actually a tool based on Web that helps people to search anything on the Internet. There are many search engines available such as Google, Yahoo, Band and more. Google is the most
If you run a website than it is necessary for you to know whether your website is visible in Google Search Engine or not. Now you must be thinking how to know my website is included in Google or not? The answer is you can check using a site command.  You simply open Google search engine and type “site:yourwebstie.com”. Now you can see web pages from your website in Google, if you don’t see your
Crawl: Crawling is the process of finding new or updates webpage by search engines crawling software called crawlers or bots. If we talk about Google search engine then we can say searching new pages by Google bot. Once Google crawlers access new and updates page next step to index those web pages in Google’s indexing. Crawl Errors: While accessing or crawling new and updates pages Google bot finds difficulty to access some pages. There may
What is Backlink? Backlink is an incoming link to a web page from another web page. We can say when we link one webpage to another webpage using a link. Backlinks keep an important role in Search Engine Ranking. Suppose there are to web pages A and B. We are adding a link on web page A pointing to web page B. When someone clicks on page A hyperlink text, it redirects to another website
Search Engine is a program or software that is used to find the information on world wide web and search results are presented on search engine result page that is also called SERP. How search engine works? Search engine works in multiple steps. Before showing any result on search engine ranking page, search engine checks many things go through various steps. Crawling: Crawling is the process of searching new and updates websites or web pages
What is sitemap? A sitemap is a file that that contains the list of the webpage of a website. Google and other search engine know the structure and organization of web pages of the particular website and it helps to index the pages. Why we need a sitemap? We need a sitemap for good user experience and to rank our website well in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. How many types of sitemap
What is Social Media Optimization? The process of promoting any business or brand on social platforms or social sites are called social media optimization. Social media optimization is the best way to promote the business and to reach more audience. We can see say using social media we can the real traffic. Why is social media the best way to promote your business online? Social Media is the platform where most of the people spend
What is On-Page SEO? The process of optimizing a web page to get the high visibility in Search Engine is called On page SEO optimization. Suppose you have a website abc.com and you want to do SEO for this website. All the activities that you perform on the site abc.com to make it SEO friendly so that Search Engine can rank this website is called On page SEO. If you run a business then you
What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Optimization is also known as SMM. Social media marketing is the process of promoting any website or brand on various social sites by purchasing ads to reach more people or increase the audience to grow the business. In social media optimization, anybody can buy a low-cost advertisement. In other words, we can say social media marketing is the powerful way to increase paid traffic. Some social sites those
Email Marketing is the way or act of sending bulk message to a group of people to their emails. Email marketing is basically used to inform lots of people at one time or in very less time or offering the services or selling of products etc. Or in another way we can say sending marketing related information or messages to your customers or audience. Email marketing is one of the best tools to grow any
If you are running a business no matter small or big and looking for the techniques to promote the business online to get more traffic then this article is going to help you a lot because after reading this article you can do all things your own. You must be having many questions such as What is an online business promotion? Online business promotion means promoting your business on the internet show that people can
What is PPC? PPC stands to Pay Per Click. PPC is the type of paid advertisement on a search engine to get clicks on your add. PPC ads mostly are shown on the top and bottom of the search engine page and called paid search results. How Pay Per Click (PPC) Works? Once the ad is placed by Google it is publicly shown on search engine page. When a visitor sees your add and click
If you are looking for the best institute in Jaipur for digital marketing summer courses then JSDM comes first. JSDM also known as Jaipur School of Digital Marketing. JSDM’s Office is located at Mansarover, Jaipur and famous for digital marketing summer training institute in Jaipur. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is a technique or process of promoting a product, brand or website online using digital techniques like the Internet, smartphones, digital display or any
You own a business and looking for customers to deal with you. Every business needs advertisement either offline or online advertisement. There are many advertisement methods are available now a day. Most people prefer to go for online advertisement or internet marketing. The main target of online marketing is to get high search visibility online for your brand or websites. In online marketing, there are two ways to get brand popularity. (a) Organic promotion (b)
Every type of business needs advertisement for its promotion so that people come to know about the particular company or brand. Digital marketing is the best way to go for online brand promotion or online marketing. Now a day most people use smartphones with internet and use them to find anything online. Know what is digital marketing and how to learn? As above mention digital mark is the best way to promote the websites, business