Ad Blocking is now affecting 32% of Global Page Views

The continues growth of ad blocking system has alarmed so many industries as they are getting affected by it and the last proof of this study has came from a company of former Googler Pierre Far, Blockmetry. As compare to desktop, this has been analyzed that Mobile traffic has 3 times more ad blocking rate.[…]


$22 Million paid by Facebook for Users data of WhatsApp

As everybody is very well aware of Whatsapp and Facebook and also that Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook. Now this is the time for Facebook to earn billions through it. So now updated privacy policy of Whatsapp is that people’s account information will be shared by Facebook and this will allow businesses to send messages[…]


Social Media is the best marketing place for Business

Below mentioned benefits will let you know about the importance of promoting business on social media/ networking website like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others. Increase Brand Awareness and Exposure: Implementation of social media strategy will increase your brand identification and more you can see the engagement of audiences and the efforts[…]


Paid $135 Million for .Web – Most expensive Domain

With a large amount of $135 Million, A company named Nu Dot Co has bought all the rights for “.Web”, world’s costliest generic top-level domain. This Company has beaten all the competitors in the competition i.e. all the Web registry corporations Radix, Donuts & Afilias and Google as well. Nu Dot Co is now offering[…]


Verizon acquired Yahoo in $4.83 Billion

This weekend was full of rumors and several rounds of bidding information but now it has been confirmed that finally Verizon has acquired Yahoo for $4.83 Billion excluding Yahoo’s cash, Yahoo Japan or Alibaba shares etc. Before this Verizon has bought AOL for approximately $4.4 Billion in 2015 and this is now simply clear that[…]


Broadcaster on Facebook can restrict features of their Live Audiences

From last few months Facebook is continuously updating itself by adding new features and improving the previous ones and now Facebook has came up with another new feature but only for the few Broadcasters. This update was not announced it was just a silent update, as Facebook has quietly aired it on few broadcasters profile,[…]