Ad Blocking is now affecting 32% of Global Page Views

The continues growth of ad blocking system has alarmed so many industries as they are getting affected by it and the last proof of this study has came from a company of former Googler Pierre Far, Blockmetry. As compare to desktop, this has been analyzed that Mobile traffic has 3 times more ad blocking rate.

As Blockmetry has presented a periodic report that shows the blocking percentage of ad and analytics by region and country and this percentage is measured by Blockmetry Code that helps in tracking the content blocking on websites and websites on different devices but not in tablet apps and mobile apps.

Blockmetry only tracks the percentage of blocked page views not the users who are adopting ad blocking and this metric will further reflects the real impact of ad blocking on websites.

As compare to desktops, mobile devices have less visitors/page views but rate of ad blocking is approximately 3 times higher than desktop. According to Far’s analysis here is the global traffic mix for page views:

  • Desktop: 59.6 percent
  • Mobile: 30.9 percent
  • Tablet: 9.5 percent

And the following is the rate of ad-blocking by device type:

  • Desktop: 21 percent
  • Mobile: 62.9 percent
  • Tablet: 4.4 percent


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