$22 Million paid by Facebook for Users data of WhatsApp

As everybody is very well aware of Whatsapp and Facebook and also that Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook. Now this is the time for Facebook to earn billions through it. So now updated privacy policy of Whatsapp is that people’s account information will be shared by Facebook and this will allow businesses to send messages to the users.

Its latest update that was announced on Thursday has cleared that only account information will be shared, not their messages and other personal information with Facebook. This means that Facebook will be able to match the contact number and will connect both the accounts with each other.

This update confirms that Facebook has not bought Whatsapp only as a messaging app but also was ready to convert it into billions with its marketing strategies. And also CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg believes that Facebook can reach 2-3 Billion users with help of Whatsapp. After this update few steps will be followed which were also followed by Facebook with Instagram accounts are:

Step 1:- A way of finding someone through Facebook and Instagram account.

Step 2:- Help to acquire more data about the person.

Step 3:- Forwarding the relevant ads and content recommendations on both Instagram and Facebook.

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