Paid $135 Million for .Web – Most expensive Domain

With a large amount of $135 Million, A company named Nu Dot Co has bought all the rights for “.Web”, world’s costliest generic top-level domain. This Company has beaten all the competitors in the competition i.e. all the Web registry corporations Radix, Donuts & Afilias and Google as well.

Nu Dot Co is now offering the domains ending with .web to other corporations. As currently .com is the world’s most popular domain and second most popular and expensive domain is “.shop” i.e. $41.5 Million and “.app” ($25 Million) that is the third most expensive domain.

After a long period of four years finally the auction results for domain .web is here, as so many corporations were trying hard to grab this to-level domain. Akaram Atallah, President of ICANN’s Global Domains Division said that New Generic Top-Level Domain Program auctions are the community-established but when multiple entities compete for the same or similarly and confusing domains, the last alternate was to help in determining which applicant will have the opportunity to operate a particular new generic top-level domain.

Till now ICANN has is increasing around $230 Million by selling 16 Top-level domain that includes .app and .hotel.  And still 16 more top-level domain are pending for auction and many corporations are continuously bidding to control those domains.

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