Broadcaster on Facebook can restrict features of their Live Audiences

Facebook-Live-StreamingFrom last few months Facebook is continuously updating itself by adding new features and improving the previous ones and now Facebook has came up with another new feature but only for the few Broadcasters. This update was not announced it was just a silent update, as Facebook has quietly aired it on few broadcasters profile, so now they (Broadcasters) can restrict its live audiences by Gender, Location and Age and a never ending live stream option.

The option of audience restriction is only available for the people who are using API i.e. Application Programming Interface Network to post their live streaming to Facebook for example professional creators, media related companies and other brands using clippings and short streaming videos for promotion. This update is only for brands broadcaster not for all the people (Like normal Facebook users) as their live streaming is limited according to Facebook’s standard settings for posts only.

Facebook has also posted some guidelines on its developer documentation related to the new update of limiting the audience by age, location, time zone and gender for the brand broadcasters not for everyone.

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