Now Twitter will tell Brands about the Audience

Your Twitter account tells so many things about you to Twitter like Gender information that you are male or female, which language you speak, your like, dislikes, your interest or hobbies, where you live which TV show you like and many more. So now Twitter will going to update something which will be more beneficial for brands as they can access more information and more data about their tweets.

Gnip – Twitters owned data platform has announced its audience API which will help brands t use analytics tool so that they can also get the demographic infirmation and inetrest data about group of twitter accounts. And also it has made easier for brands to know about the people that who has visited their website or who have seen the brand’s tweets.

Here Twitter has confirmed that brands will be able to see only specific data not the individuas complete information for example the name of visitor is Kim, is a female, lives in Russia, likes to read novels and surfing. Instead of all these stuff brands will only be able to know every thing in percentage only such as percentage of male visited the site or tweet, percentage of people living in Russia, Percentage of people like readng novels and surfing etc.

Twitter has launched this tool in october 2015 but that time there was so many limitations on its usage and availability, like a brand can get data of those audience by whom it is connected with their individual twitter ID and getting twitter ID who to whom you are already connected is not difficult so it has became the limitation of that tool.

Now Twitter is with his new updated tool which can grab all the information about anyone who has read that tweet,visit the website or use brand’s mobile app and who follows brands twitter account.

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