Benefits of using SEO Tools

There are so many tools for SEO, to measure the quality of your website that will help you to build a SEO friendly website. Here are few of them mentioned and explained below.

The Benefits of using SEO tools:

These few points will let you know about the use of SEO plugins and tools –

  • Easy to Use
  • Many of them are free of cost
  • Extensions of browser can be installed easily and used on one go
  • Plugins and tools saves time

Here are some tools that are added as the extensions in chrome browser that helps you to use easily without login and these tools will work as Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and search console.

  1. Meta SEO Inspector: This tool is used to assess the meta tags such as to count number of characters used in meta title or Meta description of that given page. This extension also detects the pagination attributes like checking Rel tags or the canonical URL and in this warnings are indicated by marking it in red color.
  1. Redirect path: To check any issue or problem regarding the status code of a page is used. It will show the redirected path such as 301, 302, 401, 401 and 500 and also includes Meta redirect and Java Script.
  1. Page insights: To check the page insights Ayima Page Insight is used that helps in providing the overview of common issues related to On-Page Optimization that includes notice, errors and warnings.
  1. Built With: A website or an extension Builtwith Technology Profiler is used to know about the various technologies used on the website like which CMS, Tool, framework etc is used to develop the website.
  1. Developer Console Tools: This tool is for every browser you use and it is basically used to inspect the elements of the given page. To use this tool you have to right click on the place which you want to inspect and select the option of Inspect element. This tool can be viewed in three places of your browser:
  • At the bottom of the Browser
  • At the Right hand sidebar
  • Or in a separate window


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