Redesigning Facebook Business Page

Last year we have seen changes in Facebook business page and still getting some updates regarding the change in design of Facebook page. There is no change in its functions, it is only changing by its looks and somewhat change will be made to make it more interactive to users.

Here are some key points related to change in Facebook page are:-

  • The size of cover page will be increased (From 851 px to Approx 1012 px) and also the width of content box on the page is increasing according to new design.
  • Now the size of Profile picture will be decreased from 160×160 px to 70×70 px.
  • Likewise in previous design now profile picture will no longer hide any portion of cover photo.
  • The ads have been removed from right hand side column.
  • Now the CTA button (i.e. Call-To-Action) will be below the cover page and will  become more prominent.
  • The like button will be less prominent than ever before.
  • The top navigation bar will be moved to the left-hand sidebar.
  • The content of left hand sidebar will be shown in right hand sidebar of your post.
  • The Right hand side section will also contain the option of ‘People also like’.

Like Google, Facebook has also removed the ads of right hand sidebar because now mobile users are increasing day by day. 51.7% of Facebook users are using Facebook only in mobile and that is around 895 million people. Facebook is also known for its changes in design as its page has been changed so many times and now everybody is waiting for this new change to roll out soon.


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